Friday, August 28, 2009

Ten Commitments of Personal Leadership

Anyone who has attended my Accountability Management Workshop knows I have ten expectations of those who work for me. They are extremely clear so there is no misunderstanding as to what I want. I share my expectations with potential employees in the hiring interview so they can decide whether they want to work for me.

Once hired, I give the new employee my expectations in the form of a granite plaque with my expectations carved into it. The symbolism of the plaque is never missed. My expectations are written in stone. They will not change. They are the ten commitments that must never be broken. Or, later, if in a moment of weakness one fails to perform, they must "repent" of their evil ways and recommit to being better next time.

Since my expectations are written in question format, each employee can evaluate his or her performance just be reading the plaque and answering the questions. An employee always knows where he or she stands with me performance-wise based upon how well one is living the "Ten Commitments of Personal Leadership".


1. Do you SEARCH for challenging opportunities to learn, change, grow,innovate and improve?

2. Do you EXPERIMENT by taking risks and learning from the accompanying mistakes?

3. Do you ENVISION an uplifting and enabling future?

4. Do you ENROLL others in a common vision by appealing to their values,interests, hopes and dreams?

5. Do you FOSTER collaboration, ownership, trust, respect and confidence?

6. Do you STRENGTHEN one another's abilities, will and sense of self-worth?

7. Do you EXEMPLIFY by behaving in ways that are consistent with your stated values?

8. Do you PLAN small wins which promote consistent and continuous progress?

9. Do you CELEBRATE team accomplishments regularly and dynamically?

10. Do you RECOGNIZE individual and team contributions to the success of every project?


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