Saturday, August 15, 2009

In the Beginning . . . The Creation of a Blog

I believe I am the most non-technical savvy person on the planet. I kept using WordPerfect (not for Windows) for almost seven years after Microsoft Windows came out. It took me years to learn how to work my fingers correctly in holding down the Control, Alternate, Shift and F5 button at the same time. Once I was competent at WordPerfect I didn't want to become incompetent again with a new computer system. So I held out. For a long, long, long, long, long time. It wasn't until just recently that my computer became more than a glorified IBM Selectric. Remember those? They had the interchangeable font balls. What an amazing invention that was!

Until recently I also only used my cell phone as a cell phone. I once tried to take a picture with my phone, but I couldn't figure out what to do with it after I took it. I also sent out a text message once about six months ago. It consisted of two letters -- O and K. I think it took five minutes to do that.

But now I've taken a big plunge into the world of modern technology. At least it's a big plunge for me. I bought a Blackberry phone a few months ago. It took me about three weeks to get my contact files transferred over to my new phone and I'm still not used to the new format yet. But it's starting to become cool. I still don't understand why people have to read their text messages during the movies, but maybe someday I'll become a real technonerd and have that overriding impulse to read a message the nanosecond it comes in.

Then about three weeks ago I got on LinkedIn. Now that's technology that I can really see has value. I already have linked in with over 300 executives and managers across the land and love watching the numbers climb every day. If anyone wants to link with me, feel free. I love numbers and I'm very competitive. I've already noticed, for example, that I have more recommendations on my profile than all but one person on the several Groups to which I belong. And I discount that one person because she's a recruiter and her clients are indebted to her for helping them get a job. So, of course, they would recommend her when she asks. But my references come from clients with whom I have consulted, so they're much more sincere. Therefore, in my view I hold the #1 position in recommendations in all of the Groups to which I belong. Yea! Let's hear it for me! Now I'm going for the highest number of people linked in with me on my profile. But again, I have to discount recruiters and the number of links they have because who wouldn't want to be linked with them.

I have a client who thinks I ought to start Twittering to. Or is it Tweeting? Or is it a twit? Either way, I haven't seen the value in that yet, so I'm still on the fence rather than the leading edge of social networking.

Now here I am starting a Blog. Interesting I finally got the motivation to do so after watching the movie Julie and Julia today. Her blog seemed pretty cool. And it turned out real cool in the end because she became famous. I've never wanted to be famous . . . or rich. But I could be swayed to change my view.

My real purpose in life, however, has always been to help companies and people succeed. I've always wanted to share my knowledge with anyone who will listen so they can use that knowledge to become better. A good friend convinced me to write a book so I could share my knowledge with an even greater audience than just my clients or the people in my management training seminars. He convinced me I could make a bigger difference by reaching beyond just the sound of my voice. And he was right.

So that's why I'm starting this blog. Maybe, just maybe, I will say something here that will have such profound significance that it will actually change someone's life for good. Maybe someone will read something I write and will be touched by the message. Perhaps they will become a better manager or executive. Maybe they will become a better husband or wife, a better parent, a better neighbor, or just a much better human being. If so, then the Internet will have served a great purpose and will, indeed, have made ours a much better world in which to live.

To this end, then . . . let the Blogging begin!

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